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  • Washers and Dryers in almost every apartment

    Every apartment (except Avonlea Men's) has its own washer and drier and they are completely free as part of your contract with BestNest. One of the best ways that BestNest properties are a real value for real students. It just makes life easier.

  • A wireless router in every apartment

    Internet access is fast and free with a BestNest property. You're welcome.

  • Affordable Parking

    At BestNest, parking is $35 for all properties except Avonlea Men’s, which is $50.

  • Located within a block or two of campus

    All properties at BestNest are located within minutes of campus for easy access to classes and activities. It's just a short walk away.

  • Captain beds at various properties

    These amazing beds offer tenants more than just a comfortable night's sleep. Below the beds are drawers built right in. At the end of the bed a built-in study desk makes school work convenient while maintaining a more spacious environment to live in. They are available at The Carriage House, Avonlea Women, Greenbrier, and Briarwood.

  • Cleanliness Standard

    Each tenant is expected to keep their housing clean. Weekly our managers and cleaning expert walk through the apartments with a specially-designed score card to measure the cleanliness of the apartment. We work closely with our tenants to help them keep their homes clean.

  • Clean check each week

    Most off-campus housing holds clean checks every two weeks, but at BestNest our clean checks are weekly. This high standard of cleanliness separates us from other housing experiences. Living in a BestNest property just feels different. A difference many attribute to how clean they are.

  • Ceramic top ranges (At Carriage & Avonlea Men)

    Carriage House and Avonlea Men has ceramic top ranges that make cleaning a breeze.

  • Dedicated maintenance team

    Our maintenance team works hard to provide same-day maintenance. They address the problem the same day a request for service is made. Most issues are resolved within 48 hours. Sometimes within minutes.

  • Managers who really care + weekly visit

    No doubt the managers at BestNest care about the tenants. They make every effort to care for each individual and make sure they have what they need. More than that, however, they work hard to get to know each tenant. Weekly visits are a unique characteristic of BestNest managers. They find out how things are going and get a chance to say hello to everyone.

  • Good tenants

    The students who live at BestNest properties are really good people. They work hard, live courteously, do well in school; our tenants are real students with real ambitions and goals. We are constantly impressed with them. So what makes BestNest properties so great? Simply put, we seem to attract amazing tenants.

  • Lounges are updated

    The lounges found in Bestnest properties are newly remodeled and kept updated with new carpet, new furniture, televisions, new paint and more. Our lounges are designed to feel more homey giving tenants a comfortable place to take a load off.

  • Loyalty Rates

    At BestNest we always offer loyalty rates for those who want to stay with us longer. Ask about them with any of our managers from any of our properties.

  • Refunds and no hidden fees

    The only fees you have to worry about at BestNest is your security deposit, which is fully refundable, and a one-time processing fee.


How can we help? Our maintenance team responds quickly to requests to make sure you have what you need. We love to help, and we love to help fast.

Cleaning Standard

Clean checks are every Wednesday. A list of jobs to be completed and what is expected for each job is given to every apartment. Also a job assignment sheet is given to each apartment for them to sign up for the job. . .

Our Team
La Nette - Manager

Meet La Nette,
La Nette is responsible for the impeccable reputation of BestNest apartments and houses. Her total commitment to clean is second to none.

» Contact La Nette

Clint - Maintenance

Meet Clint,
Clint makes sure that everything runs smoothly at BestNest. If you need something repaired he and his team will get you taken care of quickly.

» Contact Clint

Lupe - Maintenance

Meet Lupe,
Lupe is part of our maintenance crew. He works with Clint to make sure your maintenance requests are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Ashtyn - Manager

Meet Ashtyn,
Ashtyn manages The Carriage House, Red Brick House, Sunset Hall, and The Webster House. Have questions about these properties? Get in touch for help.

» Contact Ashtyn

Cami - Manager

Meet Cami,
Cami manages Greenbrier, Briarwood, Chapman House, Whitfield House, Pincock House, Jacob's House, and Greenbrier House. Have questions about these properties? Get in touch for help.

» Contact Cami

Shallyn - Manager

Meet Shallyn,
Shallyn manages Campus View and Avonlea. Have questions about these properties? Get in touch for help.

» Contact Shallyn

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Free On-Site Washers and Dryers