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We guarantee you a clean apartment. LaNette, our cleanliness manager, confidently gives you this assurance. Throughout the school-year, each apartment is checked for cleanliness weekly and by LaNette weekly. If an apartment consistently fails cleaning check we will have the apartment cleaned and charge the occupants $30.00 per hour. In addition, we reserve the right to evict a person unwilling to comply. Our experience has been that nearly all of our tenants have been willing to live by our cleanliness standards.

Experience teaches us that one "piggy" student can bring down an apartment, therefore we do not allow that to happen. Our program was developed to support those students willing to make the effort for cleanliness. Believe it or not some students have never learned to clean: we will teach them.

At the end of each semester the apartments undergo "white-glove" inspection. This is the icing on the cleanliness cake. It ensures that the apartment is ready for its next occupants and that LaNette's guarantee is in place.

Cleaning Help - White Glove Demonstration